Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some Interesting Articles on the Web (July 29, 2014)

Middle East:
“Obsessing About Gaza, Ignoring Syria (and Most Everything Else): Trying to understand why Syrian deaths no longer seem to matter.” Jeffrey Goldberg article on The Atlantic website.

“Life in a Jihadist Capital: Order With a Darker Side: In a Syrian City, ISIS Puts Its Vision Into Practice.” New York Times article.

“Iraq’s Imperiled Minorities.” New York Times editorial.
“How guns and oil net ISIS $1 million a day.” Fortune article.

“This Is Your Brain on War: A Dispatch From Jerusalem.” Article for The American Prospect website by Gershom Gorenberg.
“American aid to Israel doesn’t seem to buy any leverage. Why?” Zack Beauchamp writing for Vox.

“The Muddled Case of Argentine Bonds.” Floyd Norris writing for The New York Times.

“Argentine Bond Standoff Puts U.S. Judge in Focus.” Wall Street Journal article.

“Argentina: The RUFO Crazy.” Anna Gelpern post at Credit Slips.

“The Incredible, Magical, Shrinking Injunction?” Mark Weidemaier post at Credit Slips.

“A Stay Would Not Affect the Plaintiffs... Except by Eviscerating the Injunction.” Mark Weidemaier post at Credit Slips.

“Repeal Prohibition, Again.” New York Times editorial.

“Let States Decide on Marijuana.” New York Times.

“The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests.” New York Times.

“The Trauma of France’s Jews.” Dominique Moisi article at the Project Syndicate website.

“Congress had lots of Obamacare fights. Ending some subsidies wasn't one of them.” Sarah Kliff writing for the Vox website.

“Arizona’s Botched Execution.” Dahlia Lithwick writing for Slate.

“Down Under, a Carbon Tax Goes Down.” Hendrik Hertzberg writing for The New Yorker.

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