Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Interesting Articles on the Web (August 17, 2014)

“Acceleration threatens to make Argentina holdout crisis messier.” Reuters article by David Scigliuzzo.

“Last Tango in Buenos Aires.” Article by Rana Foroohar of Time Magazine.

“Hedge Fund Targets Nevada Firms in Argentine Debt Dispute.” Wall Street Journal article by Taos Turner and Santiago Pérez.
“Argentina Defaulted on Bonds No One Can Even Find.” Bloomberg View article by Matt Levine.

“Holders of Argentina eurobonds plan to appeal U.S. court ruling.” Reuters article by Joseph Ax and Daniel Bases.
“Paul Singer's Next Trick Could Make the Argentine Government Way Angrier than the Time He Took its Boat.” Linette Lopez writing for Business Insider website.

“Yen bonds create Argentina CDS auction uncertainty.” Reuters article by  Helen Bartholomew.
“Argentina says will use anti-terror law against U.S. printing firm.” Reuters article.

“The Argentina Rescue Mission Has Failed.” Linette Lopez writing for Business Insider website.
Social Security:

“The case of the missing Social Security data.” A blog post for Market Watch by Alicia Munnell. She criticizes the Social Security trustees’ latest annual report for eliminating a table showing income replacement rates. Currently the director of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, Ms. Munnell worked as an Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy at Treasury during the Clinton Administration. The Clinton Administration considered her for a position on the Federal Reserve Board. It was widely thought at the time by those following these sorts of developments that Chairman Greenspan opposed her being on the Board and was successful in keeping her off.
“Turning the tables.” The Buttonwood columnist for The Economist discusses Alicia Munnell’s criticism of the Social Security trustees’ annual report.

“Social Security Could Decide Who Controls Congress.” Amy Weiss-Meyer writing for the New Republic.

“When She Talks, Banks Shudder.” Binyamin Appelbaum article in The New York Times about Anat R. Admati, who teaches finance at Stanford.
“Krugman lunches with Obama.” Dylan Byers writing for Politico. “Others in attendance: Anat Admati of Stanford University, Alan Blinder of Princeton University, Erik Brynjolfsson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Roland Fryer and Claudia Goldin of Harvard University.”

“Why the Public Library Beats Amazon—for Now.” Wall Street Journal article by Geoffrey A. Fowler.
“The Global Lawyer: Cleary's Litigation Slump.” Michael D. Goldhaber writing for The American Lawyer website.

“Cops Should Be Cops—Not Combat Troops.” John Cassidy article for The New Yorker website.

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