Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some Interesting Articles on the Web (August 26, 2014)

“Citibank fears losing local banking licence.” Buenos Aires Herald article.

“Argentina aims to skirt U.S. court, bring debt under national law.” Reuters article.

“Escalating to Nowhere?” Anna Gelpern post on Credit Slips.

“Argentina's debt saga: The local loop.” Article on The Economist website by H.C.
“Argentina and the Swap Puzzle.” Anna Gelpern post on Credit Slips.

“Hedge Funds Sue to Get Argentine Bond Payment in London.” New York Times Deal Book article.

“Argentine Default Bad Test Case for Sovereign Debt Negotiations.” Article on Foreign Policy website by Jamila Trindle.
“Argentina's Last Bond Exchange Went So Well It's Doing Another.” Matt Levine article for Bloomberg View.

“ISDA sets Argentina CDS auction date after yen bond inclusion.” Reuters article.

“Sovereign Chicken.” Mark Weidemaier post on Credit Slips.

“Europe’s Greater Depression is worse than the 1930s.” Article by Matt O'Brien for the Washington Post Wonkblog.”
“Worse than the 1930s: Europe’s recession is really a depression.” Another article by Matt O’Brien for Wonkblog.

“Enough Hate for Everyone: Muslims and Jews Are Targets of Bigotry in Europe.” New York Times op-ed by Kenan Malik.

“Balanced-budget fundamentalism.” Simon Wren-Lewis blog post.

“The Euro Catastrophe.” Paul Krugman blog post.
“An Interesting Ad-Lib from ECB Head Mario Draghi’s Jackson Hole Speech: Morning Comment.” Brad DeLong blog post.

“What France Needs From Europe.” Bloomberg View editorial.

“By Any Means Necessary.” Linda Greenhouse on the legal attacks on the Affordable Care Act.

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