Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some Interesting Items on the Web (November 15, 2014)

The Affordable Care Act:
“The Real Villains of the Obamacare Cases Aren't the Judges—They're the Lawyers.” New Republic article by Yishai Schwartz.

“Delay sought on health care at appeals court.” Lyle Denniston writing for Scotusblog.
“Symposium: It’s way too soon for ACA opponents to celebrate.” Brianne Gorod writing for Scotusblog.

“State Obamacare Strategies Take Shape as Court Case Looms.” Article by Alex Wayne for Bloomberg Businessweek.

“This Philly-Based Investment Adviser Has Become Obamacare's Digital Menace.” Sam Stein article for The Huffington Post about the man who is finding the Jonathan Gruber videos.
“Eight Reasons to Stop Freaking Out About the Supreme Court's Next Obamacare Case.” Brian Beutler article in The New Republic.

“Will GOP Govs Really Rescue Obamacare?” Michael Tomasky is doubtful if the plaintiffs win at the Supreme Court. Article in The Daily Beast.
“Law in the Raw.” Linda Greenhouse article for The New York Times.

“Four Reasons the Supreme Court Is Likely to Rule Against the Obama Administration in Burwell.” John Yoo writing for National Review Online. Linda Greenhouse refers to this article.
“Did the Author of Obamacare Admit It’s Evil?”  Jonathan Chait of New York magazine.

“Will Obamacare separate Scalia from his principles?” E.J. Dionne writing for The Washington Post.

“The mess Jonathan Gruber created.” Steve Benen writing for the MSNBC website.
“The Jonathan Gruber Controversy and Washington’s Dirty Little Secret.” Neil Irwin of The New York Times.

“The Jon Gruber controversy and what it means for Obamacare, explained.” Sarah Kliff of Vox.

“The Truth About Gruber-Gate.” Kate Pickert writing for the Time magazine website.

“CFTC Turns Toward Administrative Judges.” Wall Street Journal article. In 2010, the CFTC had problems with its administrative law judges. I wrote about it here, here, and here.                                
“In Cuba, Misadventures in Regime Change.” New York Times editorial.

“UK High Court court wades into Argentina’s debt crisis.” Financial Times article.

“The Governing Trap.” Advice for the Republicans from the editors of the National Review.
 “Don’t govern on fantasies.” E.J. Dionne comments on the National Review editorial in his Washington Post column.

“Wobbling on Climate Change.” New York Times op-ed by Piers J. Sellers, the acting director of earth science at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
“The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years.” New York Times editorial.

“Who Will Run CBO Next?” Damian Paletta speculates for The Wall Street Journal.
“GOP Plan to Block Immigration Action Could End in Government Shutdown.” Margaret Hartmann of New York magazine.

“Mexico’s Bold Move on Debt Restructuring Contracts.” New York Times article.

“Tim Geithner: The 3 Words That Saved The Euro Were Ad-Libbed.” Article by Ben Walsh in The Huffington Post.
“Why the Republicans Won.” Elizabeth Drew writing for The New York Review of Books’ blog.

“Congress Extends Itself.” Gail Collins writing about Congress and tax legislation. She comments:
“The current Ways and Means chairman, Dave Camp, is a tragic figure who actually attempted to do tax reform with an ambitious proposal that eliminated some temporary taxes and made the rest permanent. It included a 4 percent reduction in the top tax rate, because no matter how hard Camp struggled, he could not honestly get it lower.
“He might just as well have proposed a bill declaring God dead. The committee never even voted on it. John Boehner made fun of it. Camp was the political version of Justin Bieber, without the parties.”


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